This is what farmers say about NewSil

Harvest results of trial Paddy Rice in Sragen Indonesia, june 2015

Due to problems with the irrigation the trial area in the north-eastern part of Java Indonesia suffered from severe drought. Crops suffered from the lack of water but the results with the support of the NewSil application proved that the paddy rice had less evaporation which resulted in a higher crop. The crop yields per hectare without NewSil were 4,1 tons/ha and with the NewSil application 5,2 tons/ha. An increase of more than 25%. Apart from a better yield in tons/ha the results also showed a higher number of tillers (28 against 22) and the length of the tillers was 63 cm against 60 cm in the control field.



Paddy Rice in Dawanagere Karnataka India

Effect of NewSil: grain yield increased by 38% and total bio mass increased by 45% with less infestation. Treated plots showed considerable higher yields despite lacking rains at beginning of the monsoon.



Sweet corn (maize) in Valsad Gujarat India

Effect of usage NewSil: grain yield increased by 35% with better nutritional quality of crop. The grain weight increased by 1.000, the shape and the size of cob improved, biomass increased by 40% and the pesticides/insecticides application was reduced with 65%. 



Sweet Corn (maize) in Wangkui China

Effect of NewSil: yield increased by 30% with better nutritional quality of the grain. The plants of the treated field had more roots, so more soil entrapped, giving better uptake of soil nutrients. The girth is bigger and the plants have a longer stem, resulting in higher biomass yield.



Soya in Andhra Pradesh India

Effect of NewSil: grain yield increased by 30%, larger grains.



Sugar Cane in Rampura, Karnataka India

Effect of NewSil; a very good growth in treated plot; improved millable cane height, more biomass; increased inter-nodal length and cane girth, the leaves are broader, thicker and greener than control. The yield increase was 35%.



Wheat in Uttar Pradesh India

Effect of NewSil:
Height control 65 cm treated 82 cm
Spike length control 12 cm treated 25 cm
Spikelets/spikes control 12 treated 18
Seeds/plants control 32 treated 49
1.000 grain weight control 4 gr treated 6,5 gr (+62%)
Grain yield/acre control 1.700 kg treated 2.300 kg (+35%)
Straw yield control 1.900 kg treated 2.700 kg


Tomatoes in Surat India

Effect of NewSil: yield increase by 20%, more uniform fruits, less disease attack, less number of curled leaves and less premature flower/fruit dropping.



Onion in Pune, Maharashtra India

Effect of NewSil: yield increase by 20%, with more uniform quality, shape and size of the bulbs. The onions are larger. The attack of pests was lower resulting in reduction in pesticide by 50%.



Watermelon in Navsari, Gujarat India

Effect of NewSil: yield increase by 20% to 25%, better quality of the fruit, tastier then control, less pest attack than control and therefore 55% less pesticides used.



Bananas in Navsari, Gujarat India

Effect of NewSil: yield increase by 45% with more uniform shape and size. Also less shoot damage-, no fruit borer observed on treated plants while the control plants had some incidence of fruit borer. Taste and smell of fruits in treated plants where better than in the control plants.


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